What is a District Leader (State Committee Member)?

District Leaders, also known as State Committee Members, represent each of the 21 Assembly Districts in Brooklyn.
They are elected, unpaid leaders of the Brooklyn Democratic Party. With the Chair of the Kings County Democratic Committee (“County Committee”), all 42 of the District Leaders across the county of Brooklyn together serve as the Executive Committee. One female and one male District Leader represent each Assembly District; every District Leader seat is up for election every two years.

What does a District Leader do?

District Leaders make decisions that affect everyday Brooklynites:
  • Vote on Democratic Party leadership
  • Choose local judicial candidates
  • Staff poll sites
  • Influence policies for local Democratic Party’s structure and function
  • Participate as members of the State Democratic Party and select Democratic National Committee Members

How does my choice of a District Leader actually affect me? Isn’t everyone a Democrat here?

District Leaders elect Democratic Party leadership and hold them accountable to acting in the interest of their constituents. Jesse is uniquely committed to inclusivity and making sure the rest of party leadership in Brooklyn actually reflects everyday Democrats across the borough.

What can I do?

What else could a District Leader do?

Our current party leaders often serve solely as a rubber stamp on a small number of decisions. District Leaders can and should do so much more to make sure our democracy works for everyone. They can:
  • Act as a community liaisons between the local Democratic Party, the Assembly Districts, and our elected leaders (from Assembly Members and State Senators to City Council Members and the Mayor)
  • Create a responsive and empowered network of local County Committee leaders — the ground floor of the Democratic Party and a body of approximately 5,000 Brooklynites — in their district to represent Democrats at the neighborhood level. District Leaders and County Committee members can work together — by checking in with neighbors or even discussing district-relevant issues or upcoming elections — to make our home democracy an active, participatory, and responsive space. 
  • Organize Get Out The Vote efforts
  • Work with the Board of Elections to improve Election Day operations
  • Create an open and supportive environment for all candidates

If elected District Leader, Jesse will use her voice to advocate for reforms that are critical to making the Party more responsive to the grassroots.

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