I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and urge my community to join me in this fight. Now and always, we must uplift the organizers and communities who are doing racial justice work every day, including Communities United for Police Reform, Girls for Gender Equity, and the Audre Lorde Project here in Brooklyn. As State Committee Member, I’ll work to dismantle the systems of entrenched power that marginalize communities of color, and build a Brooklyn Democratic Party that supports the fight for racial justice, including reforming the Party’s judicial selection process. Read more here.


Challenge politics as usual by prioritizing participation of the residents of the 52nd Assembly District.

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Make the electoral process more straightforward — for voters and for candidates.

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Fight corruption
and democratize information in the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

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Our political system is broken: it’s built to work for people with power. To fix it, we need to rebuild our politics from the ground up, starting in Brooklyn.


Challenge politics as usual by prioritizing participation of the residents of the 52nd Assembly District, especially communities of color and others who are marginalized by the status quo. This means sharing power and information with the people. Jesse will work to:

Reform the proxy process. Today, the Brooklyn Democratic Party often makes decisions on behalf of all Brooklynites through an antiquated proxy vote system that keeps the powerful in power and limits the voice of the electorate. As District Leader, Jesse will lead the effort to reform the proxy process as a member of the Executive Committee. 
Support opportunities for people to participate outside typical machine politics. Together, we can strengthen opportunities outside the traditional political sphere for everyone to weigh in on Jesse’s work as a District Leader and the Party’s priorities for Brooklyn. Jesse will work to galvanize our communities to get involved in local decisions and make their voices heard.
Advocate for women’s rights and gender justice in the Party. We need more women, transgender, and non-binary people in positions of power. We can help make this happen by reinvigorating the local Party’s women’s caucus and restructuring Party positions to include nonbinary people who do not identify as female or male.



Make the electoral process more straightforward — for voters and for candidates. This is the only way to ensure power is held by the people. Jesse will work to:

Ensure regular Brooklynites can hold positions in the Democratic Party through the County Committee. County Committee is the ground floor of the Democratic Party, and we need to make sure that it reflects Brooklyn’s diversity and the values of its voters. Anyone who wants to run for a seat should have access to the same information, such as clear instructions on how to run, complete and file petitions, and connect with neighbors who are running. If seats are not filled by active candidates, the party should publicize how County Committee appointments are granted.
Encourage participation in County Committee meetings. For members to meaningfully participate, meetings must be: in locations accessible by public transit, announced with reasonable notice, and organized by agendas that prioritize new business and the functioning of the Party.


Fight corruption and democratize information in the local Party. The misuse of power is ingrained in New York politics, leaving us with a system that’s designed to work for a few people and leave the rest of us out. Jesse will work to:

Make the local Party more accountable by publishing meeting agendas, recording votes, providing more information on judicial elections, reforming the special election process, making committee appointments transparent, and disclosing Party finances. Jesse is committed to supporting judicial nominees and other party representatives who will work for racial justice and criminal justice reform, taking into account the needs and goals of Brooklyn voters. 
Listen to County Committee members in the district. There should be a functioning and diverse group of members with whom the District Leader actively engages and works to address the community’s needs. Jesse will regularly convene the formal Assembly District Committee, support the formation of subcommittees, and uplift the voices of marginalized communities to have a meaningful say in our local decisions.
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