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Jesse is running for District Leader in Assembly District 52 to make sure the Democratic Party works for Brooklyn.

Jesse is a dedicated political organizer who believes a more transparent local Democratic Party is crucial for improving our community and making sure policymakers are responsive to our values.
Raised in North Carolina, Jesse found a home in Brooklyn. She attended Appalachian State University, where she studied finance and learned to think logically about systems and processes. In Brooklyn, this passion for systems change led her to work on reform-minded campaigns across the borough that challenged broken political structures. 
As a member of New Kings Democrats, Jesse stepped forward in 2016 to help expand the club’s operations and harness the new wave of political energy to radically change our Party from the ground up. 
In 2018, she served as NKD’s Chief of Operations to further develop the club’s structure for grassroots organizing to elect progressive politicians and reform the Kings County Democratic Committee.
Over the last two years, Jesse has been a key organizer of #RepYourBlock, a community-led campaign to support Brooklynites running for seats on County Committee. Alongside coordinating a borough-wide strategy for #RepYourBlock, Jesse focused on the 52nd Assembly District, investing in the power of organizing directly with neighbors to ensure an accountable Party. Jesse led #RepYourBlock in her district to help over 130 people run for County Committee seats. 
Through County Committee organizing, Jesse realized the enormous potential of her district to set an example for what an engaged Democratic Party could look like in our borough, our state, and our country. She believes that right here, in the 52nd Assembly District, there is an opportunity to transform politics through on-the-ground organizing — knocking doors, connecting neighbors, and working closely with community groups, progressive political clubs, and elected officials committed to challenging entrenched political power.

Jesse believes the 52nd Assembly District can be a model for progressive Democratic Party organizing.

Jesse is running for District Leader to advocate for a set of concrete reforms that are critical to making the Democratic Party more inclusive, effective, and accountable.
As District Leader, Jesse will work with her community to make sure Assembly District 52 leads the way in reforming our political system. Her policy platforms present a clear, progressive vision for the district and propose structural changes to make the Democratic Party more responsive to voters.
Most importantly, the values and ideas Jesse articulates in her platforms demonstrate how she will reimagine the role of District Leader: in her view, an open-minded community listener to her District’s needs as well as a bold Democratic advocate prepared to challenge politics-as-usual.

Jesse sees Party reform as a path to a more accountable government that will address our biggest policy concerns in the 52nd: fair housing, safer streets, and environmental justice.

Jesse lives on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill with her partner, Rene. She is an avid bicyclist, commuting to Manhattan, where she works for a tech company as the Director of Operations. Her colleagues know her as the backbone of the team, which provides software to schools, non-profits, and businesses to modernize their operating systems and extend the life of their computers.
Jesse is excited to bring her operations know-how and organizing experiences to fixing our local Democratic Party by creating new processes to make politics work better for the people in her district.
For Jesse, changing our political system is a path to tackling the biggest challenges facing our district and our city: improving transportation infrastructure, creating safer roads for pedestrians and cyclists, expanding housing options for low-income New Yorkers, and making sure the district is a leader in environmental practices. This is the change she is fighting for.
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